PHS Association Annual Meeting 2021

PHS Association Annual Meeting 2021

Mayor Dan Gelber delivered welcoming remarks at the Association’s virtual Annual Meeting, which was attended by over 50 residents.

A wide range of issues was covered:

  • Palm & Hibiscus Roadway & Landscaping Project Updates.
    • With the generator moved to its new location in the Hibiscus center median last June, the generator’s access road will soon be installed followed by the implementation of Craven & Thompson’s landscaping plan.
    • FPL is scheduled to remove the two utility poles currently in the West Palm roundabout before the generator access road can be installed and the landscaping introduced.
  • Hibiscus Island & West Palm Utility Undergrounding  update presented by Hector Maestri, FPL Major Accounts Manager
    • Since October 18, MasTec has made expedient progress in pulling cable through the existing conduit on Hibiscus Island.  The next phase of the project will entail placing the transformers on the pads and energizing the system.
    • FPL is on track to present its new design and final cost estimate on the West Palm undergrounding project by late January.
  • The scope of the Association’s advocacy in 2021 was wide-ranging and included:
    • Palm Island fountain hardscape and landscape upgrades
    • Fountain St & MacArthur Causeway motorist’s left exit – FDOT markage/signage upgrades
    • Recycling Pickups to possibly add an assistant in addition to the driver
    • Feral cat feeding control
    • General maintenance including entrance signs at Palm Island and entry landscaping
    • Weekend off duty Marine Patrol detail funded by Palm Island resident
    • Tour Boats noise
    • Overnight Moorage between Palm & Star Islands
  • Financial standing

The Association continues to enjoy solid financial standing as evidenced in the increased dues participation and higher net income in 2021 over the prior year.  Members will be provided the Association’s latest financial reports upon request.

  • Nominating Committee Report – PHS Association members elected the slate of Board Members presented by the Nominating Committee.  We congratulate the newly elected Board:
    • Ian Kaplan – President
    • Neil Fairman – Vice President
    • Roger Blum
    • Allison Feldman
    • Alex Moggio
    • Jacqueline Rumpel
    • Isabel Tragash


Please contact Amy de Saint-Seine, Executive Director, for more information on the above topics.

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