PHS Association Town Hall 2023

PHS Association Town Hall 2023

Over 70 attended our PHS Town Hall & Candidate Forum on October 10, 2023. A forty-five minute slide presentation highlighting the Association’s advocacy was moderated by Ian Kaplan, President of the Board, and was followed by the Candidate Forum. All 6 Commissioner candidates had the opportunity to address residents before the Mayoral candidates took to the stage. This provided a platform for candidates to outline their qualifications for office and present their vision for the City of Miami Beach. 

For the first time since the pandemic, PHS Island residents gathered in-person at a private home on Palm Island for the event. The PHS Town Hall was followed by the PHS Mayoral Candidate Forum. Here is a summary of topics covered in the meeting:


The Security Committee discussed the selection of new security camera equipment for the Palm Island guard house to replace the outdated system. Installation is expected in early 2024.  Due to ongoing crime incidents on the islands, the Security Committee is exploring options for a security concierge service to supplement the presence of the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) at the guard house. Residents were also reminded to lock their vehicles and take their fobs with them.

Defective Light Posts – Palm & Hibiscus

The PHS Association highlighted ongoing issues with the defective light posts on Palm and Hibiscus Islands. Despite previous communication to the Mayor and Commissioners in January 2023, no visible progress has been made in resolving this problem. The Association raised safety concerns and questioned the city’s lack of project management for prompt resolution to this issue.

Landscaping Projects Finalization – Phase II – Palm & Hibiscus:

The Landscape committee has provided expertise and feedback to the city to assist in the final landscaping plans for the West Palm roundabout and the Hibiscus median. The landscaping is scheduled to be implemented by the end of 2023.

Infrastructure Recent Successes:

  • The PHS Association’s advocacy efforts in April were successful in prompting the refurbishment of the Star Island sewer pump station by the Public Works department in July.
  • Additionally, the Association successfully advocated for the removal of 12 one-way signs along Palm Avenue, addressing the problem of signage pollution in the area.

Hibiscus Island & West Palm Utility Undergrounding

The Hibiscus Committee Chairperson updated residents on the Hibiscus project and detailed the new timeline for completion. Immediately after the Town Hall, the Association emailed FPL & AT&T construction notices to the Hibiscus residents in our database.

The West Palm Committee Chairperson explained the challenges faced in obtaining updated the binding cost estimate from AT&T, necessary for the project to move forward.

Vessel Mooring & Tour Boats

PHS residents continue to seek relief from disturbances caused by vessels mooring behind PHS Islands. The importance of legislation to prohibit mooring from sundown to sunup was emphasized.

Progress has been made on the tour boat issue, as they no longer tour between eastern Palm & Hibiscus Islands. There is a new effort to push for a requirement that tour boat passengers listen to tour boat narration and music over headphones. This measure aims to reduce noise pollution caused by the passage of tour boats in the area.

Financial standing

The Association has increased reserves this year. Its solid financial standing is demonstrated by the consistent level of dues participation in 2023 as compared to 2022.

Please contact Amy de Saint-Seine, Executive Director, for more information on the above topics.