Protect your Boat & Watercraft

Protect Your Boat and Personal Watercraft
Crime Prevention Tips
Marine theft is usually committed by relatively unskilled, young amateurs who strike where they find an easy opportunity.  We can defend ourselves against this type of crime by becoming security conscious and by practicing the following common-sense crime prevention measures, keeping in mind three factors which discourage thieves everywhere: TIME, NOISE and VISIBILITY.
Always remember to do the following:
  • Dock it, lock it and remove the key.  Secure the personal watercraft to the dock with a locked steel cable.
  • Boat owners should trim their engines to prevent the theft of their lower unit.
  • The best way to keep thieves from stealing property from your boat and personal watercraft is to not leave valuables onboard.
  • Secure all vessel electronics by installing an alarm.  Contact your alarm company and discuss options for alarming your board, personal watercraft and dock.
  • Consider a lower lock unit, adding dock lighting and installing a GPS.
  • Compile a complete inventory of your boat and personal watercraft.  Take photos or video of the items including close-ups of the HIN and record the serial numbers.
  • Remain vigilant.  If any suspicious activity or persons are observed in your neighborhood, please call the Miami Beach Police Department at 305.673.7901 (non-emergency) or 911 during an emergency.