FPL Statement – May 25th 2021

FPL Statement – May 25, 2021:
The next phase of the project will be the actual installation of underground cables and installation of equipment (transformers) that will provide the correct voltage to the homes. This is a necessary step in order to connect these “transformers” to the homes at a later date. FPL has selected the contractor for the job and work is anticipated to begin by the end of May or beginning of June. FPL expects the work to take approximately three to four months once started. This will consist of pulling the cable for the main line (feeder) underground before proceeding to do the same for the other lines (laterals) that will eventually energize the transformers. This timeline assumes that all of the work goes according to plan and that no major weather events will impact the schedule.  Once the laterals are installed, FPL will begin the work of transitioning the meters from overhead to underground service for those homes that will need it, and connecting those homes that are currently underground to the new points of service. We do not anticipate that this phase will begin until the third quarter of this year.
PHS Homeowners Association update:
The PHS Homeowner’s Association met this month with 8 homeowners, a local FPL engineer and an electric contractor to request quotes and to review the contractor’s work already performed for those properties which need to convert from overhead to underground service.
If you are a Hibiscus Island homeowner who has not yet completed your overhead to underground service conversion, please reach out to our Executive Director Amy de Saint-Seine at amy@palmhibiscusstarislands.org to coordinate the conversion with the electrical contractor of your choice and FPL. Overhead serviced Hibiscus homes must be converted underground before all of the Island’s utility poles can be removed.
Hibiscus residents have been patiently anticipating the completion of this project for a very long time. We are happy to report that, even though we do not have specific dates for completion, the project has resumed and residents should be able to see major progress very soon.
Amy de Saint-Seine
Executive Director, PHS Homeowners Association