Final Layer of Asphalt Advisory

Final Layer of Asphalt Advisory – Palm & Hibiscus Islands – July 26, 2021
The Palm and Hibiscus Neighborhood Improvements Project is nearing completion. Final asphalt paving is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 26 and will last approximately two weeks. Please note that the schedule may change due to inclement weather or unforeseen conditions. If extended time is needed, this is subject to city approval and community notification.
Asphalt work will be completed in the following sequence and will be a rolling operation:
·     Palm Island, east side (starting Monday, July 26th)
·     Hibiscus Island, east side
·     Hibiscus Island, west side
·     Palm Island, west side 
During work hours – weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. – residents and guests in cars and SUVs will have access to their properties, however, work may temporarily block some driveway entrances and exits for short periods of time while the hot asphalt sets. Paving is a rolling operation. Please be patient if you encounter ongoing construction machinery and personnel in your neighborhood.
Parking on the street is not permitted during the paving operation. Please be advised that the city may tow vehicles found parked on the street in the sector to be paved.
We strongly recommend that trucks, heavy and/or oversized vehicles NOT drive on freshly applied asphalt for approximately 24 hours to ensure an optimal long-term paving result.
We also ask that residents schedule deliveries (Amazon) as well as home services such as landscaping, furniture deliveries or private construction concrete pouring on a date that does not conflict with paving operations.
Adding the final layer of asphalt to the road is a significant step toward project completion. Roadway paint markings, striping and signage will be scheduled shortly. After completion of this work, one-way designated roads and traffic patterns on Palm Island will go into effect.
Trash collection on Monday, July 26 and Thursday, July 29 will take place during the early morning hours prior to the start of paving. There will be no recycling pickup on Wednesday, July 28 and sanitation crews will suspend bulk waste pickups during the paving operations.