Hibiscus Island FPL/MasTec Update 04/22

Hibiscus Island FPL/MasTec Undergrounding Update
April 2022

MasTec, FPL’s contractor, has informed the PHS Association that the next phase of the Hibiscus undergrounding is underway.The work will entail securing the secondary connections from individual properties to the newly placed transformers.

MasTec will start this phase of the project at the NW corner of West Palm Midway and will head west on North Hibiscus Drive, hooking up service from homes to the new transformers in sequential order. The handful of homes that are still serviced overhead from the meter will be bypassed. These homeowners are advised to start the process to underground their FPL service from the meter immediately.

Homeowners should expect the power to be interrupted at the time that Mastec transfers their service from overhead to underground.¬†Extreme care must be given to ensure that a homeowner’s generator does not backfeed during this power interruption. MasTec will need to verify each generator’s automatic switch is off, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation in this process. To give you an idea on the timing, please note that MasTec may be able to cut over service at a rate of 3 to 4 homes at a time, depending on conditions.

Please be advised that in certain cases, MasTec may need to excavate near the transformers. MasTec will leave individual door hanger notifications on properties in front of which it will be required to dig in the swale and has communicated that it will repair damage caused by its trenching.