Completion of Palm & Hibiscus Landscaping Phase II

Completion of Palm & Hibiscus Landscaping
Phase II
 – February 2024


The City of Miami Beach’s contractor is in the final stages of Phase II of the Palm and Hibiscus landscaping project, at the West Palm Island roundabout, along Fountain Street (specifically the Palm Island side of the bridge), and within the Hibiscus Island median.

Phase II encompasses a range of enhancements, including the installation of pavers and a concrete access driveway to the pump station equipment, as well as the implementation of a new irrigation system and landscaping features. The landscaping design, designed by Craven Thompson and Associates, underwent thorough review by the PHS Islands Association and is now nearing completion.

Despite encountering significant delays, the project commenced this final phase in late July 2023 and is on track for completion by the end of February 2024. After years of anticipation and planning, residents welcome these transformative efforts.