Hibiscus Utility Undergrounding Update

The PHS Islands Association has made great progress in recent months with our partners at FPL and the city of Miami Beach on the Hibiscus undergrounding. We are pleased to announce that the next phase of the project will take place in the coming days.

We are thankful for the hard work and dedication of our many Association volunteers to this cause.

FPL Statement – September 6, 2023:

“FPL’s contractor MasTec will start work this week to install two new switch cabinets in the SE corner of the Hibiscus median. The addition of these switch cabinets is necessary to balance the transformer loads on Hibiscus Island.

The work is expected to last for 5 weeks and will take place in the Hibiscus median and along East Palm Midway.

Local westbound traffic may be redirected to North Hibiscus Drive via E 1st Court when heavy machinery is in use on East Palm Midway.

Upon completion of this work, FPL will start on the next phase of the project, boring underground from the Hibiscus median to the eastern and western extremities of the island. Once this phase is complete, the underground loop will be energized, and the conversion of individual homes from overhead to underground service can commence.”

We will continue to monitor progress and keep Hibiscus residents informed.