Answers to your most frequent questions

How do I join the Association?

To renew or join the Association, please send your $500 annual dues payment by check, payable to PHS Islands Association and mail to: PHS Islands Association, 152 Palm Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Or pay online here.

Who is the person to contact regarding issues on our islands?

As a homeowner association member, please feel free to call our Executive Director, Amy de Saint-Seine at (305) 542-5770 or email hello@palmhibiscusstarislands.org.

We are receiving flyers from local businesses that are strewn all over the place – in front of our home, in the street and driveway, on the front windows of our cars. What is the course of action here?

Call the Miami Beach Code Compliance Department and let them know the address and the location of the flyers. Their phone number is: 305-673-7555.

How do I get mosquito control to spray around our home?

Mosquito Control is managed by Miami-Dade County Public Works Department. There is no regular spraying schedule, the office responds to homeowner requests. Even if you know that your next door neighbor has requested a spraying, be sure to call so that your home is sprayed. Their number is 305-592-1186.