Dog (and people) Safety on our Islands

Dog (and people) Safety on our Islands

There have been several incidents over the last couple months of pet dogs off their leash attacking, and sometimes killing, other pets. These dogs have also bitten residents while they were walking their dogs. This does not need to happen. We all want to feel safe in our neighborhood – and keeping your pet on their leash is a simple way of ensuring that.

In Miami-Dade, dog owners are required to keep their dogs leashed when outside of their own private property. Remember – if Animal Services is called, the owners of the unleashed dog can be subject to fines and other penalties.

Let’s help each other in keeping our islands safe to walk, play and exercise in. If you own a dog, please keep it under your control and on a leash whenever you’re outside.

Thank you.

Gabriella Karai
PHS Islands Association